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tech4s Group is
a 360˚Software,
IT and Ancillary
Service Solutions

The tech4s Group, supported by the main entity tech4s Limited and its fully owned subsidiaries MPX Services Limited and KSCA Services Limited, consists of a group of service providers made up of high calibre professionals, and offers a powerful package of all-round solutions and support for companies.

tech4s Group can help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations with IT services and solutions, as well as providing services and support for all areas including internal bookkeeping and reporting, Human Resources, Compliance, Digital Marketing and Operational services.

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Increase the value of your business future investors by focusing resources on products and innovation. Leave the IT infrastructure, marketing, and administrative work to us.

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Change your vision towards technology. Get the best out of technology and improve your business. Secure your infrastructure from cyber-attacks and safeguard your business; create more attractive websites and improve customer engagement; train your employees and work more efficiently.

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Don’t waste your time doing patching, upgrades, and maintenance on your IT infrastructure. Or designing websites and content and focusing time and effort for your digital marketing strategy. Get experts to handle it.

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Minimise Costs,
Increase Profitability

Take advantage and reduce overall IT, marketing, and administrative costs by outsourcing it to specialists. Eliminate the personnel costs and minimize your expenses with our attractive support packages.


We possess high energy and a large set of competencies, and we are exceptionally good at teamwork, leadership, and management of complexities.

Saying that, we want to underline our willingness and readiness to dedicate our knowledge and expertise.

The members of our team are multi-disciplinary professionals with academic backgrounds in Infrastructure and Networking, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Human Resources (HR), Compliance, AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Managerial and administrative fields.

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